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Protege Engine

The 2.0 liter FS block is strong and durable. There is currently no need to upgrade the crankshaft in any of your performance build. Making the power is the main function of the head. The block need to be strong enough to handle all that power and relay it on to the transmission for distribution to the wheels. In past experiments Racing Mazda have tuned and raced a stock FS to 400 whp. This however is not a recommendation for anyone. We offer varied builds on the FS engines that has been tested and aproved up to 750 to the wheels. Coupled with an RM head, our block and head combinations does not have an issue to scream to 10,000 rpms. If you are looking for a reliable performance engine for your street or high performance 626, protege, mx-6 or other. Make no mistake about the endless potential for the Racing Mazda 2.0 liter performance FS engines. 

Done correctly since 1999, we have not yet found the limits of the FS engine. we are just waiting on other technology in drivetrain to catch up.

FS performance Engine block

A fully built engine block with all forged components for your n/a or boosted needs. Our engines are more than enough for your daily street use or rugged performance driven abuse. High compression n/a or low compression boosted we build to your need. No need to worry if your engine can handle the high hp. even 700 is not enough to tickle this quality build.

FS 2.0

your price $2899
Core charge if block is not supplied $800

FS High performance engine block

the ultimate solution for high horse power reliability. Only the best shelf and custom parts and components. superior and the latest in machine and assembly means that you are assured the best!
We always start with the block. It is checked for correct dimensions, cylinder bore, mains, block flatness, etc… This sets the best foundation for your new engine.

All parts are brand new which includes forged pistons, rings,rods, bearings washers and oil squirters are always replaced. The entire assembly get a rotational balanced

FS 2.0

your price $3499
Core charge if block is not supplied $800

FS Complete performance engine assembly

So you trust yourself to pull your motor and trans, and can remove all the external components. However you just want to be able to re-install a complete performance long block. Well here is your power plant. Built to your spec and then some. This combination of your choice above block and RM head will make the work easier and give you an peace of mind in the quality and reliability. Shipped fully assembled with the head, valve cover, timing belt, oil pan, oil pump, water pump, front and rear main seals already installed.

FS 2.0

your price $Please call
Core charge if block/head is not supplied $1000

Cometic top end gaskets set

your price $215.99

MSP Oil Pump

your price $134.99

Wiseco Pistons

9.0:1 CR 83, 83.5 and 84mm
your price $495.95


CP pistons

8.5:1 CR 83.5mm
your price $559.99

K1 Technologies rod

your price $409.95

Pauter rods

your price $799.95


Crower Rod set


Clevite Bearing

Main bearing set $64.99
Rod bearing set $34.99
Thrust Washer $17.99

ARP head stud kit

your price $124.99


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